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Category: Personal Finance

How to Build Wealth with these Wealth Building Basics

With all of the recent coverage of the FI/RE community, there are some basic concepts that are getting lost in the noise. Financial independence seekers only need to focus on a few things. Below are three basic steps to build wealth: make money, spend less, and use the money…

7 Steps to Reach Financial Independence Sooner

7 steps that can help you reach financial independence and early retirement faster: When I started down the path of financial independence, I confess, I was confused by this whole notion of early retirement. Could I retire in my 40s? Have people really retired in their 30s? Tell me how…

The Magic of Compound Interest

The magic of compound interest, oh the MAGIC. Before I get overly excited let’s talk about the differences between simple and compound interest. Most people are familiar with simple interest. Let’s say you deposit $1,000 into an account earning 2% in simple interest. With a 2% interest…


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