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How To Reduce Your Taxable Income (& Pay $0 In Taxes)

Sick of paying a hefty tax bill each year? Here are four simple ways to reduce your taxable income – and lower your bill to $0   Nothing’s worse than getting a huge tax bill come tax season.  You’ve spent the entire year giving part of your paycheck…

Here’s How to Calculate Your FI Number

Is financial independence possible for you? Since discovering the financial independence or FI movement, have you asked yourself how much you will need to reach financial independence? In this post, I’ll explain how to calculate your FI number.   I first learned about the financial independence/retire early or FIRE…

Wealth Guilt – How I Overcame It

Defining wealth guilt Wealth guilt is a relatively new term but not a new experience. Some might compare it to or find similarities to survivor’s guilt. It can be a vague and difficult feeling to describe, but it’s a reaction to socioeconomic inequality. I grew up…


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