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Is one of your goals to build wealth? Are you finding yourself in the same place day in day out no matter how much you try to save or how many personal finance books you read? Don’t worry; many young people are in exactly the same situation you are. And you are not to blame. You see, many young people today lack professional and personalized financial guidance in their lives. It can seem and feel incredibly overwhelming. 

I help busy professionals streamline their finances so they can focus on what matters.

I am passionate about helping busy young professionals regain control of their finances, relieve their money worries, and achieve their financial dreams. Helping those in debt, turn balances from negative to postive so you never feel stressed checking your bank balance ever again!

By offering these three programs, I’m able to invest much more specifically and effectively into those who are serious about their finances, while weeding out those who aren’t yet. 

  • Budget Review, where I will review your budget and help you make the required adjustments towards living the lifestyle you want.
  • FI/RE Goal Setting, where we will identify your financial goals and draft actionable measures that will help you live your dream life.
  • Financial Coaching, where you will get to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to build the correct financial behaviors.
Budget Review

This is the option for someone looking to get started and pointed in the right direction or needing clarity on specific budget hangups. 

If you are already spending less than you make, but feel uneasy or uncertain, this plan is for you. 

With this budget review service, you prepare your own budget and send it to me for review, along with a list of your debts and your financial goals.

I will review your budget and provide insights on on any changes that you may want to consider.

Gain clarity on where we can adjust and make it serve your lifestyle!

Setting specific, achievable and realistic goals are key to following through with your money goals.

With F.I.R.E. goal setting, you will get to learn the same strategies we used to grow our net worth by more than $350,000 in less than 4 years.

I’m going to help you get clear on where you want to be on your journey. Together, we will identify a plan that will get you on the path to financial independence and steps closer to your F.I.R.E goals.

Financial Coaching

Financial coaching is about educating, empowering, and holding you accountable. 

As your financial coach I won’t be selling you any financial products!  I will provide you with the knowledge, skills and focus on behaviors that will help you build wealth. 

During the coaching sessions I will help you create an action plan for every aspect of your personal finances including credit building, debt payoff, budgeting, reducing expenses and increasing saving and investment amounts. 

I started this coaching option after realizing that as much as I love finance and serving others, it’s unsustainable for me to talk with everyone who would like to pick my brain.

Are you ready to get started?


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