Sharing the Journey to Financial Freedom

When I started on my personal finance journey, I couldn’t help but repeat these words, “If only I had known.”

All of the information that I was learning: the importance of the stock market, index funds, passive investing and most importantly the power of compound interest, were simple concepts that I just never quite understood. I mean, I knew that paying interest on consumer debt especially credit cards was bad. I knew that putting money in a savings account was good, even if it was earning less than 1%. But I didn’t understand the power of compound interest. Once I understood some of the basic concepts I wanted to share this news with everyone. I wanted to teach as many people as I could about how powerful compound interest was. Soon I realized people weren’t interested in talking about money. There was a stigma about people who talked about money. Most weren’t as comfortable in talking about their finances as I was.

“Get a license or some credentials, they’ll listen then,” is what I thought. So I attended a Certified Financial Planning orientation at a local university. As I sat there for the two-hour pitch, the concepts taught sounded interesting. I was less enthusiastic about the time commitment and restrictions the letters CFP, after my name would have. I had dreams of teaching high school students how to create personal budgets and of course, giving them the ingredients to the secret sauce to wealth. Would they believe that financial independence could be reached in 10 years coming from me?

The birth of a blog

I started to write. “I’ll journal…an online journal… a blog!” A blog was born. I wrote one post, then another, then another! Hitting publish was scary. I am not a writer or a financial expert. I allowed doubt to creep in. But today, on this Halloween in 2017, I’ve hit publish. I finally did it. I started a blog.

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